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Sir Donald McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck.


A member of the clan McDuck, Sir Donald McDuck was nicknamed "Black Donald" due to his foul temper, akin to that of his descendant and namesake Donald Duck. In 1440, Sir Donald invented golf, a sport that quickly caught on among the Scottish nobles. Shortly thereafter, he also accidentally created another Scottish sport, hammer-throwing, by throwing his golf club in the air during one of his tantrums. The unfortunate place where the heavy golf club landed also attraced the inimity of Kevin McJones, an ancestor of Donald's own Neighbor Jones, who invented yet another popular Scottish sport, log-throwing, by throwing one of his logs (he was a lumberjack) back at Sir Donald in revenge. Black Donald's tantrums were so devastating that in 1457, King James II was forced to outlaw golf to make sure the people of Scotland woudln't have to suffer through yet another one caused by the clusmy Sir Donald's repeated failures.

How Sir Donald died is unknown. However, his arrival among the McDuck ghosts living in (as well as on the clouds above) Castle McDuck allowed the spooks to discover golf, and they have spent most of their time playing it ever since. Donald was indeed seen among the ghosts when a young Scrooge McDuck briefly became a ghost in 1889.

Behind the scenes

Sir Donald McDuck was created in 1992 by Don Rosa in The History of Clan McDuck. His ghost was also anonymously seen in his story The New Laird of Castle McDuck. In 2017, a counterpart of Black Donald was revealed to exist in the universe of DuckTales 2017, through his mention in the episode The Missing Links of Moorshire.

He is similar to, and may have been named after, Black Donald MacDonald, a historical figure who also exists in the Disney Comics Universe.