Sir Eider McDuck, known in his lifetime as Sir Eider MacDuich, was an anthropomorphic duck.


Eider MacDuich was born in 880.[2] The identity of his parents and much of his background is unknown. A relative of his was almost crowned King of Scotland in 843, thirty-seven years before Eider's birth, but he was neglected in favor of Kenneth MacAlpin.[1]

He may have fathered Friar Juicy McDuck, who was born in 910 when Sir Eider was thirty-years-old.

In 946, Eider died during a Saxon siege.[3] His death happened thanks to his stinginess, as he only paid his serfs thirty copper pieces per hour[4] and supplied them with crossbows but not arrows,[5] causing them to desert him.[1] He was then buried in a Clan McDuck cemetery adjacent to Castle McDuck,[3] a structure which he had presumably built or ordered the building of during his lifetime. His armor[3] and a tapestry depicting the moments before his death[4] would be put on display in the castle, remaining there for the next millennia.

In the afterlife, Sir Eider MacDuich spends his time playing golf with other deceased members of the Clan McDuck. When his distant descendant Scrooge McDuck briefly died, he was reluctant to offer the young drake another chance at life, chiding him as being unworthy. He reversed his position, however, when he learned that he would grow to become the stingiest man on Earth.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sir Eider McDuck was first mentioned in The Old Castle's Secret, where his armor and tombstone appeared.

Eider McDuck tapestry by Rosa - Last of the Clan McDuck

Sir Eider on a tapestry in the Castle McDuck.

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