Sir Harold's Manor was a manor in Duckburg.


Originally the home of Sir Harold, this imposing manor, located in Duckburg, was renovated and refurbished on several occasions over the centuries, but continued being haunted by the ghost of its first owner. Some time before October of 1989, it came into the possession of Scrooge McDuck, who expected to sell it again once its price went up. When prices failed to do so, he and his nephew Donald resorted to opening the house up to tourists, with the presence of Sir Harold's ghost as the central selling point. Seeing his home invaded and wrecked by careless crowds, however, Harold took flight, leaving Scrooge to deal with an unprofitable ruin of a mansion, and hordes of discontented visitors. It seems that in th end, Scrooge decided to hire an actor (at first, Donald Duck himself) to pretend to be a ghost, turning the Manor into a sort of ghost train.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sir Harold's Manor appears in the 1989 story The Shy Ghost.

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