Sir Murdoch MacDuich, later Sir Murdoch McDuck, was an anthropomorphic duck.


The last of the Dark Ages' MacDuich Clan, Sir Murdoch was a businessman who upgraded the clan's last name to the familiar, modernized form of “McDuck” (later carried to glory by his 19th-century descendant Scrooge McDuck). For unclear reasons, Sir Murdoch held the local patent on longbows. Thus, in 1066, when England was invaded by the Normans, the English Army signed a contract with Sir Murdoch McDuck so he could supply them with longbows. However, they had not read the fine print on the contract, which stated the arrows cost extra. The English did have enough longbows, but could not use them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sir Murdoch was one of the newly-invented McDucks planned planned to appear in the scrapped prologue The Last of the Clan McDuck, the result being that he only appears in the unfinished The History of the Clan McDuck. An alternate version of Sir Murdoch was featured in The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck in DuckTales 2017.

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