Sir Simon McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck.


Sir Simon McDuck was a Knight Templar, and more specifically, the treasurer of the order, in 1492 was sent. When it became threatened by the Priory of Sion, Simon moved the treasury away from the Templars' headquarters and hid it in Castle McDuck. He then tried to send the key to the treasure vault (the Crown of the Crusader Kings) to Cathay with Christopher Columbus, though it was lost in Haiti, where it ended up buried, still wrapped in Sir Simon's tartan. Simon never passed on the key to the treasure vault to the rest of Clan McDuck; his descendant Scrooge speculated that he succumbed to the black plague got him before he could do so.

Sir Simon was buried in the McDuck cemetery next to the Castle. A skull and crossbones decorated his grave, suggesting that he was considered a hero among templars. After all, he engineered the hiding of the treasury in Castle McDuck to keep it from the Priory of Sion. Many years after his death, Fergus McDuck, and much later Mr Molay, Mr Mattressface, Scrooge McDuck and his nephews discover that there is a clue on Simon's tombstone that led to a room in McDuck castle, its walls painted with Templar Cipher. Scrooge would eventually find Simon's treasury and would have Maurice Mattressface donate it to worthy organizations throughout the years.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sir Simon McDuck was created by Don Rosa in A Letter From Home. Interestingly, he is (aside from the cameo ghosts in The New Laird of Castle McDuck and the deleted characters from The History of the Clan McDuck) the only McDuck ancestor in Don Rosa and Carl Barks's body of work who does not appear in his Duck Family Tree.

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