Sir Slye MacDuich was an anthropomorphic duck.


A sneaky medieval member of the Clan McDuck, Sir Slye MacDuich assisted King Malcolm II in 1018 in his conquest of the Angles as a spy. It is joked that this was because even then, it was clear that it would be a MacDuich who'd "know all the Angles". The circumstances of Sir Slye's death are unknown, as is whether he became a ghost haunting Castle McDuck like most of his family. 

It is also unclear as to who is immediate family was. A certain "Sir Smokt McDuck" was born in 931[1] and may have been his father. Sir Quackly McDuck, born in 1010[2] may have been his son.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sir Slye MacDuich was created by Don Rosa in his unreleased History of the Clan McDuck.

The timeline suggests that Sir Slye MacDuich was the father of Sir Quackly McDuck. This would interestingly make Sir Quackly the first to call himself McDuck rather than MacDuich. 

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