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Sirius Axeldent is an anthropomorphic dog from the 2017 Continuum.


Sirius applied for a job at Glomgold Industries around the time Donald Duck and his nephews moved in with Scrooge McDuck. As an employee of Glomgold, Sirius was tasked with infiltrating Scrooge's fountain by appearing as a official of "Fowl Play", a made up insurance agency. He visited McDuck Manor while Scrooge and Launchpad McQuack were on an adventure. The kids realized the threat Sirius posed and tried to keep him from seeing Scrooge's treasure. Their plan didn't work and he found the Stone of Truth, using it to manipulate Webby Vanderquack into taking her to his treasure. He was ultimately stopped by the Serpent of Solomon who seriously injured him, prompting him to quit Glomgold Industries. He was later encountered by Donald as a bank employee.

Behind the scenes

Sirius Axeldent debuted as a background character in the 2017 DuckTales 2017 premiere, Woo-oo!. Prior to the airing of McMystery at McDuck McManor, he was one of the most often-cited candidates in fan theorists' opinion as the sneakily-introduced 2017 Continuum version of Duckworth, as Axeldent's physiognomy does resemble a younger Duckworth somewhat. After the theory was disproved, Axeldent was given a name and motivation of his own as the antagonist of the comic story The Stone of Truth, and he also made a cameo in the televised episodes Who Is Gizmoduck?.