Sitting Bull, formerly Standing Bull, is or was a man of unknown species.


By 1906, Sitting Bull was known as a famous Amerindian chief. As they fought for ownership of the Stone Jaguar, Scrooge McDuck told Theodore Roosevelt that he had learned "Indian wrestling" from Sitting Bull, then Standing Bull, and had reduced him to changing his name to ‘Sitting’ Bull after their last match, the student having surpassed the teacher.

At some point, Mickey Mouse appears to have received a telephone call from Sitting Bull.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sitting Bull by D F Barry ca 1883 Dakota Territory

The real Sitting Bull around 1883.

Sitting Bull appears in the 1978 French one-pager Humo I. He was mentioned in the 2001 bonus chapter of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut.

He is based on the historical character of the same name. The real Sitting Bull died in December 1890, long before he could have encountered Mickey Mouse (barring time-travel).

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