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The Skeletons are a group of undead, sentient skeletons.


These fun-loving, singing and dancing skeletons come alive at night to frolic. Although they originally appeared to have to return to their graveyard in the morning, they were no longer bound by these restrictions by 2019. How much individual identity they possess is dubious, as they all look alike and have been known to merge into one large bone chimera or swap heads.

Though not themselves malicious, they have been seen living in the houses, and seemingly under the control, of more powerful malevolent figures such as the Mad Doctor or the Cloaked Figure. They also, at one point, existed (alongside their entire graveyard) inside a closet in the Haunted Mansion.

Behind the scenes

The Skeletons first appeared in the 1929 cartoon The Skeleton Dance, famous as the first-ever Silly Symphony.

Their crossing over into the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Haunted House later the same year was one of the first instances of the Silly Symphonies merging with mainstream Prime Universe continuity. The 1937 Ub Iwkers cartoon, Skeleton Frolics also featured the characters, despite the cartoon's being produced by Columbia Pictures. They also appeared in Happy Haunting and various other specials, as well as the video game Disney Sorcerer's Arena.