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Sky Pirates... in the Sky! is a cartoon story written by Madison Bateman (along with DuckTales 2017's normal team of writers) and directed by Matthew Humphreys. It features Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Webby Vanderquack, Launchpad McQuack, Don Karnage, Stinky Boot, Jitterbug, Peg-Leg Meg, Hard-Tack Hattie, One-Eyed Linda and Two-Toed Jack, No-Name the Nameless Parrot, the Pirate Intern, and the rest of the Sky Pirates.

Description Edit

While coming back from a treasure hunt, the Sunchaser is attacked by Don Karnage and his crew of Sky Pirates. While Scrooge and co. are attempting to fix the crashed plane in the middle of the jungle, Dewey, angry that no one will listen to him, runs off and joins the Sky Pirates, leads a mutiny against Don Karnage, and becomes the new captain of the Pirates. But things go wrong for Dewey when the Sky Pirates turn against him after he refuses to have his captured family walk the plank.


Behind the scenes Edit

Sky Pirates... in the Sky! is the 20th episode of DuckTales 2017, and was released on July 28, 2018.

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