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The Sky Pirates are a crew of air pirates at Don Karnage's command aboard the Iron Vulture, counterparts in the world of DuckTales 2017 to the original Sky Pirates.


This ragtag crew of "singing and dancing pirates" behave in every way like stereotypical pirates (complete with the accent), but roam the skies aboard small planes and their flagship (a zeppelin called the Iron Vulture. Their time-tested scheme is to sing an elaborate musical number as they rob their victims, discombobulating them for long enough that they don't even begin to fight back against the robbery until the pirates are far gone. The music is more than just a tactic for the pirates, however, as many of them put great pride in their talent.

Known Crew Members

Behind the Scenes

The Pirates, based on the original Sky Pirates first seen in Plunder and Lightning (though none of the individual pirates are the same as the originals), first appeared in 2018 in the DuckTales 2017 episode Sky Pirates… in the Sky!.

There is a theory that the Smashnikov Brothers used to be a part of the crew before they were "dismissed" and subsequently hired by Flintheart Glomgold. It is, however, based on little more than physical similarities.