Sky Pirates is a song from the TaleSpin episode "Plunder and Lightning", sung by Don Karnage and his band of Air Pirates.

Context and SummaryEdit

As Don Karnage unveils his plans to raid all of Cape Suzette at once to his crew (alongside disguised Captain Baloo, Rebecca Cunningham and Kit Cloudkicker), the endless ham leads the pirates into a bombastic song about the joys of piracy. The tune is so catchy, in fact, that just after its conclusion, Baloo clamors for a reprise — revealing his nature as a spy, as the real pirates know not to give orders to Captain Don Karnage.


Don Karnage: I am a pirate! I am a pirate!
Suave and dashing, sabers clashing,
Bodies crashing, molars gnashing!
What a pleasure…
Seeking treasure!
All the stealing, and concealing,
And the killing, what a feeling!…

Sky Pirates Chorus: Take the sky by thunder!
It is so wonderful to plunder!

Don Karnage: When a village needs a pillage,
…Or my pockets need a fillage,
You know what I'm saying?…

Sky Pirates Chorus: We are pi-rates!
Sky pi-rates!

Mad Dog: Just think of all the people we can cheat!

Dumptruck: What a great career,
As a buccaneer!

Sky Pirates Chorus: It keeps us in the air and off the street!

Gibber: (Off the street!)

Sky Pirates Chorus: We are pi-rates!
Sky pi-rates!

Don Karnage: We're as good at being bad as bad can get!

Sky Pirates Chorus: And the biggest prize
stands before our eyes
To capture captivating Cape Suzette!
Cape Suzette!
Cape Suzette!!
Cape Suzette!!!

Behind the scenesEdit

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