Sky Trooper is a theatrical cartoon directed by Jack King[2][3][4][1]. Carl Barks[3] and Jack Hannah wrote the story[2][4][1], while the music was composed by Frank Churchill.[1]The film features Donald Duck and Peg-Leg Pete. It is the second in a series of shorts to follow Donald on his adventures in the United States Armed Forces.


Donald, still in the United States Armed Forces[5], is busy peeling potatoes. Of course, that's not what Donald really wants to do. He wants to fly! Pete offers to give him the opportunity, but, when Donald accidentally pokes him with a tack and knocks him out of a window, decides to do something a little more sinister to the unsuspecting duck.


  • This short reveals the name of Donald's boot camp to be Mallard Field Air Training Base.
  • Pete's official rank is revealed to be that of Flight Sergeant.
  • Donald's rank is confirmed to be that of Private.


  • This short is the third in a series of shorts to follow Donald through his adventures in the Armed Forces. It was preceded by Donald Gets Drafted and The Vanishing Private and fol

    Possible reference to the General.

    lowed by Fall Out, Fall In, The Old Army Game, and Commando Duck.
  • An edited version of it was used in  This is Your Life, Donald Duck (1960). The special showed chronological gap between Sky Trooper and Donald Gets Drafted. The implication is that Sky Trooper takes place very shortly after Donald Gets Drafted. Since Donald Gets Drafted likely takes place in 1941, this means that Sky Trooper may take place in 1941 as well.
  • A possible reference to the General from The Vanishing Private is made at the end when Pete and Donald crash into a certain General's headquarters.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sky Trooper was released on November 6, 1942.[2][3][4][1]It was directed by Jack King [2][3][4][1], with the story having been written by Carl Barks[3] and Jack Hannah[2][4][1], and the music by Frank Churchill.[2] It starred Clarence Nash as Donald Duck[4][1] and Billy Bletcher as Peg-Leg Pete[4].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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