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Skylights was a human man living in Neverland.


A member of Captain Hook's pirate crew, Skylights was unusually philosophical about the pirate condition, conscious that it was a thrilling but often quite short kind of life. This he conveyed through endless discordant singing, which so got on the nerves of the Captain that Skylights' lyrics were prematurely validated by an annoyed Hook shooting Skylights stone-dead to stop the singing already.

Behind the scenes

Based on the character of Morgan Skylights from J. M. Barrie's original Peter Pan novel and play, Skylights first appeared in 1953 in Peter Pan.

In the book, Skylights is also killed by Captain Hook for a petty reason, this time, because he accidentally bumped into Hook, ruffling his lace collar. The 2003 live-action Peter Pan film once again included Skylights in the same narrative role of a minor henchman offed by Hook to showcase his cruelty, this time because he questioned one of Hook's orders.