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Smedley's Boss is a male anthropomorphic dog.


This malevolent captain was the head of a spying operation in 1969 Duckburg, being at the helm of a ship which waited, hidden in a fog bank, for Smedley to return from his trip ashore to the Rocket Research Lab with stolen schematics. However, Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck unwittingly intercepted a rendez-vous map sent to Smedley by his masters by carrier pigeon, and followed it back to the ship, believing they had found a treasure map. As Donald had the Homing-Hummer lodged in his throat at the time, this resulted in a storm of seagulls assailing the spy ship. With his vision impaired, the spymaster was unable to steer properly and crashed the boat on some jagged reefs, where it remained stuck and exposed long enough for the spies to be arrested by the Coast Guards — who also sent word ahead to the Rocket Research Lab, also leading to Smedley's arrest.

Behind the scenes

Smedley's Boss is the de facto main antagonist of the 1969 story Bird-Bothered Hero. The infamously rushed script does little to elaborate on the nature of the character, notably failing to establish whether he is an independent operator or an agent of some foreign power.