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Smorgasbord, also known as Smorgie the Bad, is an ogre.


Described by his owner Witch Hazel as her "pet ogre", Smorgasbord is a large monster who can be summoned thanks to a special witch's brew by his mistress. He is a tall and hairy humanlike figure with a dog nose, horns, an eye on each side of the head and six arms in total; he can stretch those arms almost infintely; his skin may be either orange or lime green.[1]

Though he is quite beastly, Smorgasbord is nonetheless sentient (as demonstrated by the fact that he wears clothes, primitive jewelry and, most notably, a bowler hat) and can actually talk, though he rarely does. Smorgasbord is invulnerable to most mundane attacks, but the explosion of a stick of dynamite is nonetheless too much for him to handle; when faced with one, he will disappear and will only be back if one summons him all over again.

Smorgasbord was summoned on Halloween in 1952 by Witch Hazel to scare Donald Duck into giving away candy to trick-or-treaters Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.

Behind the scenes

Smorgasbord first appeared in November 1952 in Carl Barks's comic-book version of Trick or Treat, although he was only featured in cut pages that weren't restored to the story until 1978.

Notes and references

  1. The orange color is more likely to be correct, as Smorgasbord's creator Carl Barks colored him orange when he used him in a painting.