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Sneezy is a male dwarf.


Sneezy is one of the Seven Dwarfs living together in their cottage in an enchanted kingdom in the Black Forest, and spends his days mining for jewels with the others. As his name emphasizes, Sneezy is always either sneezing, or on the brink of sneezing, a fact which seems entirely removed from any particular cold or hay fever (a curse cannot be ruled out). His sneezes have considerable strength, and his brothers are very much wary of them. Along with his siblings, Sneezy took Snow White in after she fled from her stepmother's murderous intentions, and ended up befriending the Princess, who would often visit them later on.

Behind the scenes

Sneezy first appeared in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Out of all the Dwarfs, Sneezy has been criticized by some (such as Duck Comics Revue) for being reduced to a bodily function, as opposed to a personality trait, which seemed to be the apparent theme of the other Dwarfs' characterizations.

Voice Actors

  • Billy Gilbert (planned voice, used only in test recordings)
  • Stan Freberg (Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party)
  • Louis Carry (Musical)
  • Bob Joles (recurring voice since 2001)

Notes and References