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Snow White is a human woman.


Snow White was born in an enchanted kingdom in the Black Forest to a good King and Queen. Unfortunately, her mother died and her father was lured into marrying the vain gold-digging sorceress Grimhilde, who murdered him. Snow White grew up as little more than a servant under her cruel stepmother's rule, but this could neither tarnish her physical beauty nor her radiant moral goodness.

When she reached age 14, she had become so beautiful that despite Grimhilde's best efforts she was officially acknowledged by the omniscient Magic Mirror as "fairest of them all". That same year, she met the love of her life, Prince Florian. Unfortunately, her blazing beauty finally became too much for Grimhilde, who attempted to have her killed. Snow White was saved by the Queen's chosen minion's kindness, but found herself lost in the Black Forest, where she met and befriended the Seven Dwarfs.

After living with the Dwarfs in happiness, becoming their 'guardian' for all that she was the teenager and they were the old men, she was again tracked down by Grimhilde. This time, the witch eschewed henchmen and tried to kill Snow herself, using a poisoned apple which sent her into a state of sleeping death. The Dwarfs overthrew (and almost killed) the Queen, and Snow White was brought back to life by Florian's Kiss of True Love. She then came to live with Florian in his castle, and later married him, though she still often visits the Dwarfs (and repeatedly got in more magical trouble involving Grimhilde and other such villains). Snow and Florian had a son, Glauco, and also eventually adopted the orphan boy Polly at the suggestion of the Seven Dwarfs.


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Behind the scenes

She first appeared in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Voice Actresses

  • Adriana Caselotti (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • Ilene Woods (1949 audiobook)
  • Sandy Duncan (Christmas in Disneyland)
  • Mary Jo Salerno (Musical)
  • Irene Cara (Happily Ever After)
  • Mary Kay Bergman (recurring voice between 1989 and 1999)
  • Carolyn Gardner (recurring voice between 2000 and 2010)
  • Katherine Von Till (recurring voice since 2011)
  • Pamela Ribon (Ralph Breaks the Internet, virtual reality version of the character)

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