Fanwork Snow White Vs. Dracula is an unofficial comic story written and drawn by John Severin. It features Snow White, Count Dracula and the Seven Dwarfs.


Finding that the vampire Count Dracula has cursed Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs head to his home to avenge the Princess and possibly find a cure for her. Dopey's clumsiness, however, just might bungle the mission…

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever printed in January of 1988 in the non-Disney book Cracked Collectors' Edition #73.

The story is unofficial and parodic, and thus was created without the consent of the Disney right-holders. It was part of a long-standing feature of the Cracked comic books, “Combined Movies”, which featured short, humorous crossovers between unrelated properties. John Severin, when creating Snow White Vs. Dracula, was likely unaware that a version of Dracula entirely consistent with his portrayal existed in the Disney comics universe, meaning his story could very well be canonical rather than just a whimsical daydream.

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