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Soccer Donald Duck, formerly known as just Donald Duck, is an anthropomorphic duck and Donald Duck's counterpart in Soccer Donald's World.

Description Edit

This version of Donald Duck had the same biography as the Prime Universe version up till some unclear point in the 20th or 21st century when he became a star soccer player for the Duckburg team. In 2003 however, the underhanded President of the team "sold" him to a foreign team against his wishes, shattering his dream. Oddly enough, Soccer Donald's body was actually inhabited by the mind of the Prime Universe's Donald at the time (thanks to the Alternate Life Machine); it is unknown how Soccer Donald reacted when he regained control of his body and learned of this fact (Donald, for his part, had responded by quitting that universe and going home).

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of Donald first appeared in 2003 in Donald Duck and the Alternate Lives.

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