Solego is a sorcerously immortal anthropomorphic lizard.


Solego was the most powerful sorcerer of the ancient world. He used his powers to conquer a great many cities. Eventually, in his quest for immortality, he turned himself into a demon. He was ultimately trapped in the Crystal Cage by a young wizard named D'Shane. Solego could only be freed if the two halves of the medallion, the crystal (which houses Solego's mind) and the casing (which houses Solego's powers), were brought together.

Eventually the medallion was unearthed in an archaeological expedition. Solego's mind within the crystal began possessing multiple people and technological devices to bring the crystal to the casing. Solego ultimately achieved this, but was defeated by Darkwing Duck, who trapped Solego in the Crystal Cage once more.

Behind the scenesEdit

Solego was the main antagonist of the crossover story The Legend of the Chaos God, serialized in the Disney Adventure magazine throughout 1994.

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