Solly is a male anthropomorphic shark.


An anthropomorphic shark living at the bottom of the Neverseas, Solly is a greedy bag of hot air (whose menacing sharp teeth are actually false). At some point, he set up a loan shop, and managed his business well enough over the decades (becoming a literal "loan shark") to progressively own nearly all of the Seven Seas. Drunken with success, Solly proclaimed himself the new King of the Sea (stealing Neptune's crown to show it). However, in 1953, his greediness got the better of him when he grew unduly fixated on stealing merbaby Bubbles' hair. The spunky little girl fought back and ended up accidentally publically revealing the falseness of Solly's teeth, ridiculing him. Neptune took back his crown and returned all of Solly's ill-gotten wealth to their proper owners. Weary and discouraged, Solly faded into obscurity, considering "opening a swimming school for minnows" as a way to start things over.

Behind the scenesEdit

Paint was only ever seen in the 1953 story Bubbles, the Water Baby.

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