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The Sorcerer's Arena is a magical pocket dimension controlled by the Master Sorcerer.


An enchanted, expansive sandbox-world, the Sorcerer's Arena is the location of the mythical challenge that awaits a sorcerer before they can ascend to the rank of Master Sorcerer, and is controlled by the current Master Sorcerer. Within the Arena, aspiring Masters are not asked to fight themselves, but rather to use their magic to control Enchanted Cards which serve as portals across Time and Space, bringing champions of good and evil who are then driven to battle one another — there is every appearance that the Cards can even summon champions from different universes, not just Prime Universe.

Behind the scenes

The Sorcerer's Arena is the main setting of the video game Disney Sorcerer's Arena, released in 2020; it was first seen in 2019 in Coming Soon: Disney Sorcerer's Arena, an animated, narrative trailer for the game.