The Sorcerer Supreme Magic Kit is an object belonging to Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.


The Wizzo Super-Deluxo Sorcerer Supreme Magic Kit is an item that was advertises in a comic-book in 2002, which advertisement claimed it contained the materials for real magic as opposed to prestidigitation. Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck ordered the kit, and, upon receiving it, found that it contained four quills and four inkwells, alongside a note that read:

The secret to magic is believing everything — and nothing — at the same time! So dare to dream the impossible dream… and with a little magic it can come true!

Though initially disbelieving the kit's abilities, thinking it no more than a sham, the triplets and their uncle Donald decided to use the ink to try their hand at drawing their own comic books. They soon discovered that the Kit was magic, granting life to all drawn characters as "Proto-Toons", no more than moving outlines with no colours. The magic ink would also allow its uers to create objects or even pocket-dimensions. 

If in distress, the Proto-Toons were capable of retreating to within the inkwell from which the ink that created them had been drawn; they could then be summoned out, with their memories and personalities intact, by the artists, though it's unclear whether they were conscious while inside the inkwell. 

List of Proto-Toons Created by the KitEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sorcerer Supreme Magic Kit appears prominently in the 2002 story Can You Imagine… Melvin?

It is unclear whether the Kit was unique (and the ‘advertisement’ had found its way to Huey, Dewey and Louie's comics through undisclosed supernatural means), or if it was indeed widely-produced and other readers of the same comics around the world ordered and received identical kits. 

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