Space Plane
Vital Statistics
Type Spaceship/Repurposed Cargo Plane
Era Post-War Era
Civilization American
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No


Scrooge bought a 1949 turboprop Air Cargo Mail Plane in a government auction for very few money.

Scrooge had Professor Mollicule the cargo plane modified with an old jet engine (bought in a garage sale), using concentrated fuel.

Its construction had very little budget involved, as for example, in order for the jet engines to be lighted, manual activation with a lighter is required.

Scrooge, Professor Mollicule, and Donald had one flight of it, as an operation under the McDuck Satelite Salvage Co. , but when Scrooge realized that he wouldn't be able to salvage satelites, he turned off the engines of the plane, which in turn led to it entering atmospherical re-entry, and falling back to Duckburg.

Donald fell from the plane a bit earlier, and ended up in San Francisco instead.

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