Spare That Hair is a comic story written and drawn by Carl Barks.[1] It features Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, an unnamed circus manager, Horrendo, and Murphy.


Donald Duck now runs his own barber shop and is doing a swell job at it. In the words of his nephews, "he has made a science of mowing hair and cropping whiskers". His talent for snipping causes trouble for Wild Animal Circus when their wild gorilla, Horrendo, breaks loose and heads straight to his barber shop. Will Donald help the local police and turn the beast over to them, or will he take the opportunity to flex his skills on the ape by giving him a three-dollar haircut?


  • The story was remade in Brazil a few months after its original printing in America in the form of The Super-Barber (1963), which borrowed the plot (and even some of the art) of the Barks story, but switched out Donald Duck for José Carioca as the protagonist.

Behind the scenesEdit

Spare That Hair was first printed in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #272, which was released in May of 1963, though its writer and artist, Carl Barks, had completed it earlier on August the 15th, 1962.[1]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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