Sparky is a non-anthropomorphic electric eel befriended by Donald Duck during the brief period that Donald lived underwater.

Description Edit

Sparky was befriended by Donald Duck during the period that Donald lived underwater due to eating a bottle of aqua-pills invented by Gyro Gearloose that cause one to breath water. Sparky was seen to participate in the sports that Donald taught to the sea animals, occasionally as the ball. He was captured along with Donald and the rest of the animals by the animal poacher Sharky, but was freed by Donald. He was then seen leaping out of the water with the rest of the animals Donald befriended, including the octopus Otto and the shark Smiley, to give Donald a spectacular return to land.

Behind the scenes Edit

Sparky was first seen in the comic story Merman Donald, first published in May 2003, in the Danish Jumbobog 271.

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