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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Spirou is a human man.


Adventurous and moral to a fault, though with occasional anger issues, Spirou is a bellhop-turned-journalist from Belgium. Rarely found without his eccentric sidekick Fantasio and the squirrel Spip, Spirou has gone on daring adventures throughout the world, battling such foes as the mad scientist Zorglub — often with the help of eccentric scientist the Count of Champignac.

Behind the scenes

Spirou was created in 1938 in the comic page La Naissance de SpirouThe Birth of Spirou in English — though a text published a week earlier ended up his actual debut. He is the title character of the Belgian Journal de Spirou and one of the most recognizable characters in European comickery. He does not belong to the Walt Disney Company.

Interestingly, the character's debut appearance shows him to have been created (full-grown) by a mysterious artist who painted a likeness of him then sprayed it with equally mysterious life-giving liquor. This would suggest that Spirou is some form of toon-like being, although he exhibits no such characteristics and seems to be considered (by others and himself) as wholly human.

Voice Actors & Portrayers

  • Vincent Ropion (Spirou; French)
  • Laurent Vernin (Spirou & Fantasio; French; actually an alternate version of the character)
  • Thomas Solivérès (Spirou and Fantasio's Big Adventure; non-canonical)