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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Spirou and the Trouble with the Elevator (Spirou et le coup de l'ascenseur in the original French) is a comic one-pager possibly written by Rob-Vel, and drawn by either him or Luc Lafnet. It features Spirou and Entresol, and mentions M. Papillon.


Desperate to save a dying exotic potted plant he owns, Spirou goes so far as to create a new kind of chemical fertilizer, which turns out to be much, much more efficient than he intended.

Behind the scenes

This one-pager was released in October of 1938 in Le Journal de Spirou #27 in Belgium. It was reprinted in the Spirou par Rob-Vel collection of all of Rob-Vel's Spirou comics. It has not known an official English printing to this day.

It is the last of the regular Spirou one-pagers, replaced from the next week forward with long serialized adventures.