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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Spirou the Ingenious (Spirou l'Ingénieux in the original French) is a comic one-pager possibly written by Rob-Vel, and drawn by either him or Luc Lafnet. It features Spirou and Entresol.


Spirou is told by Entresol to double down on the cleaning. He borrows a (then-)cutting-edge vacuum cleaner, but ends up breaking it. What to do next?

Behind the scenes

This one-pager was released on May the 26th, 1938 in Le Journal de Spirou #6 in Belgium. It was reprinted in the Spirou par Rob-Vel collection of all of Rob-Vel's Spirou comics. It has not known an official English printing to this day.