Spitfire is a non-anthropomorphic cat.

Description Edit

Spitfire is a scrawny cat of uncertain, but dull, color, belonging to Madam Mim. He is not particularly intelligent and stays with Mim mostly because he has nowhere else to go; his mistress regularly puts him in very uncomfortable spots, be it by testing new curses on him or in ill-fated attempts to mother him (which regularly end with an 's' being added to the beginning of the word).

Behind the scenesEdit

Spitfire first appeared in 1964 in The Amazing Mad Madam Mim Meets the Beagle Boys.

Spitfire is not dissimilar to TabbyDonald Duck's cat, who began making regular appearances the same year, beginning with The Health Nut (though his debut dates back to Singapore Joe, 1946)

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