Fanwork Splendeur et Décadence de la B.D. (translatable as Splendor and Decadence of the Comic Book) is a parodic comic page written by Blanchet and drawn by Tignous. It features Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse as well as several comic authors, editors, publishers and critics who remain nameless.


In an overview of the state of the comic industry (which is depicted as being rather bleak), Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stand in for all comic-book heroes. Interviewed about high-concept graphic novels, Donald answers that what it "evokes" in him first and foremost is unemployment; Mickey and Donald wish they could live more interesting adventures than usual, but lament that the comic author who draws them is afraid of experimental stuff; and the duo end up fired because they can't stop themselves from chatting about politics while on-panel.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever printed in November of 1981 in the non-Disney French comic book Bananas #1, where it even acted as the cover.

The story is unofficial and parodic, and ostensibly non-canonical.

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