The Spooks were a large group of identical ghosts.


All looking like typical bedsheet ghosts with a wide face, and black feet, the Spooks were numerous identical ghosts haunting a bigger-on-the-inside old house, which they called Spooksville. The Spooks were outgoing and peaceful among themselves, even organizing an open air concert in 1924, but threatening to intruders. Through some unknown sequence of events, they had once trapped Julius the Cat under a shroud identical to theirs, which appeared to be cursed. However, Alice, meeting Julius for the first time, freed him. The Spooks gave the two chase, but the mortals were able to knock them all out in a heap (proving the Spooks were at least somewhat corporeal) before escaping.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Spooks are the antagonists of the 1924 Alice Comedies cartoon Alice's Spooky Adventure.

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