NonDisney Spooks is a cartoon directed by Walter Lantz. It features Oswald Rabbit, Ortensia Rabbit (here as “Kitty”), and in his Prime Universe debut the Phantom of the Opera.


Tongue-tied Ortensia feels inadequate at Oswald Rabbit's singing recital… and who should show up to help her but the Phantom of the Opera? But the sinister fellow may have ulterior motives!

Production Errors & Assorted GaffesEdit

  • Ortensia Rabbit is swiped away by the Phantom so quickly that her bloomers are left behind; however, she is shown in a later scene to still wear them.

Behind the scenesEdit

This cartoon short was released in 1930, one of the installments the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series created after the departure of Walt Disney (and thus not currently owned by the Walt Disney Company at all).

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