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Sport Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog.


Sport Goofy is a first cousin and lookalike of Goofy. Although they are, physically, almost identical, Sport Goofy is much more physically fit than his Mouseton relative, and is a world-famous sportsman who has been part of the Olympic Games on several occasions. Unfortunately, if Sport Goofy is more talented than Goofy, he shares his cousin's cataclysmic clumsiness… In 2005, after biting more than he could chew with a particularly rough rugby game, Sport Goofy definitely gave up sportsmanship and took on playing rummy.

Behind the scenes

The idea of Goofy as a sportsman can be traced back to 1941's The Art of Skiing, the first of a long series of cartoons featuring Goofy as a hapless would-be-athlete whose disappointing feats were cheerily commented by an offscreen narrator as if they were exemplary successes.

TV and VHS compilations, as well as merchandise items, began to refer to that sport-suit-wearing version of Goofy as "Sport Goofy", although, at that point, he was not meant to be a separate character from the normal Goofy, but merely one of the roles he could play (similar to 'Steamboat Willie Mickey').

However, Sport Goofy was first established as an independent character in a series of one-pagers drawn by French artist Claude Marin from 1980 onwards, the first one being Haie ou pas haie. This shift was cemented in 1984 by writer Tom Anderson and artist Josep Tello Gonzalez in a series of comics featuring both Goofy and Sport Goofy and defining them, for the first time, as relatives of each other, the first of which was The Discus that Went Astray. Sport Goofy was also featured in the little-known story Sport Goofy and the Racing Robot. Sport Goofy's inclusion in the Disney universe was finalized in 1987, when he was billed as the title character of an animated short, Soccermania.

Sport Goofy is one of the few recurring Disney characters who completely disappeared from the mainstream comics, and, moreover, his very last comic page featured an explanation for his disappearance, which is no less rare. In that untitled 2005 one-pager, Sport Goofy was shown to have given up sports after getting injured in a rugby game, and to have decided to try playing rummy instead.

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