Sport Goofy and the Racing Robot is an illustrated text story. It features Sport Goofy, Peg-Leg Pete, a version of the Mayor, and, in his debut, Zippy the Robot.

Description Edit

Sport Goofy takes part in a race every week, and always uses the prize money to buy sporting equipment for the orphanage. After winning one of his races, he promises the orphans that the next time he wins, he will buy them the field adjacent to the orphanage so they can have a baseball field. However, Peg-Leg Pete decides that he wants to win the prize money, and builds a very lifelike robot called Zippy. Zippy wins the next race, race, but, being a not-very-well constructed robot, falls apart at the finish line. The Mayor then awards the prize money to Sport Goofy instead, and he buys the field for the orphanage.

Behind the scenes Edit

Sport Goofy and the Racing Robot was first released in a stand-alone book in 1984. It was later included in The Magic of Disney Storybook Collection in 2004.

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