Spotty is a male non-anthropomorphic elephant.


Spotty is an Indian elephant belonging to a farmer from the region of Jumbostan. Not only was he born a white elephant, but his back was, for most of his life, speckled with yellow dots, supposedly because his mother was frightened by a speckled mouse. To complete his odd appearance, Spotty liked to eat grass from the other side of his owner's fence, the round holes of which molded his trunk square over the years.

This made Spotty the living picture of an outrageous creature — the square-trunked speckled elephant — for whom Scrooge McDuck had, as a publicity stunt, made a standing offer of one billion dollar's reward. Gladstone Gander, looking for the reward, bought Spotty for cheap, but ended up accidentally leading to his spots being bleached away on the trip back. Scrooge refused to accept the animal, whom Gladstone most likely returned to his owner.

Behind the scenesEdit

Spotty only ever appeared in the 1964 story The Billion Dollar Safari.

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