NonDisney Spring Fever is a comic story written by an unknown writer and drawn by Lloyd White. It features Oswald Rabbit, Floyd and Lloyd, Toby Bear, and, in their debuts, Rosabelle and May and June. Aunt Matilda is also mentioned.


Lloyd and Floyd don't know what to do when their Poppa Oswald becomes lovesick for his new neighbor Rosabelle, and their attempts to get him away from her and return him to normal culminate in shanghaiing Oswald onto a cruise ship!



  • This story is one of several Lantz-era Oswald the Rabbit stories to make it clear that at this point, Oswald is no longer dating either Fanny or Ortensia, seemingly placing Oswald's marriage to Ortensia as shown in Epic Mickey (2010) at a later date.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in 1949 in Four Color Comics #225.

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