Squire Skinflint is an anthropomorphic dog.


Squire Skinflint is a grouchy yet cunning older fellow. His occupation is unknown, but it seems that he is involved with mortgages and rents, as he is the one to whom Marcus Mouse's homestead's mortgage is owed. He has a reputation for being a mean and cold-hearted fellow, as evidenced by Clarabelle Cow, Patricia Pigg, Harriet Hen, and Horace Horsecollar's opinions on him. In the words of Horace Horsecollar, "He's got a heart as a big as a house - a bird house!"

Little is known about Squire's past. According to rumors spread by Patricia Pigg and Harriet Hen, "he threw his grandmother off the farm during a blizzard for being two days behind in her rent". It is unknown if this statement is true or not.

At any rate, by 1930, he was presumably living in Mouseton and was the one to whom the mortgage for Marcus Mouse's homestead was owed. He was very strict with "Neighbor Mouse", strongly enforcing the deadlines for which the interest on the mortgage must be paid, even threatening to remove the poor mouse and his family from their farm if they would not pay the interest in time. It appears that the Mouse family was able to pull through, likely thanks to millionaire Mr Slicker, and pay the interest, since Squire was no longer seen bothering them about it. What became of him afterwards is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

Squire Skinflint first appeared in a strip of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers initially released on October the 31st, 1930. He also appeared in a later strip that was released on November the 7th, 1930. He is not currently known to have made any other appearances outside of that story.

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