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St. Canard is a city in Calisota.


Located across the bay from Duckburg (with the two metropolises linked by the notorious Audubon Bay Bridge), St. Canard is a more modern and New-York-esque sort of city than the largely suburban Duckburg. All shadows and skyscrapers, St. Canard is riddled with crime, both in the form of ordinary gangs and of costumed supervillains. To match Duckburg's Duck Avenger and Gizmoduck, it also has its own costumed superhero, the notably less efficient Darkwing Duck (alias Drake Mallard), who resides inside the Bridge.

Behind the scenes

St. Canard first appeared in Darkly Dawns The Duck, the pilot to the Darkwing Duck, and it is the setting of most of that series.