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Steamboat Willie is a theatrical cartoon directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, who also presumably wrote the story. Iwerks, Wilfred Jackson, and Les Clark animated it, with Jackson and Bert Lewis handling the musical score.[1] The film features Mickey Mouse, Peg-Leg Pete and Minnie Mouse.


Mickey is on a steamboat captained by Pete, who physically abuses him, and a particularly annoying parrot who enjoys laughing at Mickey's failures. A trip to Podunk Landing leads to many animals as well as Minnie boarding the vessel. When a goat eats Minnie's music sheets and guitar, she and Mickey find themselves making music with the assistance of the animals, that is, until Pete finds him and sentences him to potato peeling.


  • The comic story Mickey Mouse and the River of Time (1998), created 70 years after Steamboat Willie, is a sequel to it.
  • The world Timeless River in Kingdom Hearts II (2005) takes place at Cornerstone Hill and references the cartoon many times, even ending with Sora, Donald and Goofy riding his steamboat.

Behind the scenes

Steamboat Willie was released on November the 18th, 1928.[1] It is notable for being the first cartoon starring Mickey Mouse to be distributed. It was also one of the earliest sound cartoons. As such, it is often seen as the debut of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, even though they had actually appeared in Plane Crazy several months earlier, which was only shown at a test screening and would not be distributed until 1929. The production and test screening of The Gallopin' Gaucho also predates Steamboat Willie. Neither were picked up by distributors at the time, making Steamboat Willie the first Mickey Mouse film to be widely distributed.[1] It is also notable for being one of the first sound cartoons.

Its title was inspired by Steamboat Bill, Jr., a live-action silent film released earlier in 1928.[2]

Notes and References

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