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Steelbeak is an anthropomorphic rooster and top agent of F.O.W.L..


A suave villain in a tuxedo with a metallic muzzle that serves as his namesake, the clever and manipulative Steelbeak is a frequent foe of Darkwing Duck, as the hero's affiliation with S.H.U.S.H. often leads to him being pitted against Steelbeak, who is a high-ranking agent of F.O.W.L..

Steelbeak is one of F.O.W.L.'s top agents, often left in charge of whatever scheme the organization is planning. He is also put in command of the army of Eggmen more often than any other F.O.W.L. agent.

Steelbeak's steel beak can bite through metal, allowing him to escape from most restraints. How he lost his real beak is unknown, although it is known that it was F.O.W.L.'s Eggmen scientists who replaced it with the prosthetic.

Behind the scenes

Steelbeak was introduced in the Darkwing Duck epiosde Water Way to Go. He was also to have been one of the villains of the proposed Justice Ducks cartoon.[1]

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