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General Stonewall Duck was an anthropomorphic duck.


In 1860, General Stonewall Duck led a fight against unknown enemies of Duckburg. He fought on Battlement Hill with "Old Cannon Number One". In the aftermath of the battle, a peace treaty was signed between Duckburg and their enemy. The peace treaty would remain unbroken at least until 1960 and possibly well beyond that year. A statue of Stonewall was erected on Battlement Hill in his honor.

Behind the scenes

General Stonewall Duck was first mentioned in The Village Blacksmith by Carl Barks, where a statue made in his likeness was seen.

Though his debut story made no mention of any sort of relation to Donald Duck and his family, some fans have hypothesized about where he might place on the Duck family tree. For instance, Gilles Maurice placed him as a brother of Humperdink Duck, which would make him Donald's granduncle.

Notes & References

  1. Stonewall Duck was already an adult old enough to serve in the military 100 years before the events of The Village Blacksmith. Assuming this story takes place when it was released, Stonewall was an adult of unknown age in 1860, which would put his birth year somewhere roughly around 1840.