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Differing Dropouts is a comic strip written by Bob Karp and drawn by Al Taliaferro. It features Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck, also mentioning Scrooge's wealthy father.


Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck discover the McDuck Heirloom Chair is actually stuffed with money.

Behind the scenes

This strip was only ever printed in May of 1960 in miscellaneous American newspapers.

It appears to refer to Scrooge McDuck's rich father, a recurring element in 1960's Bob Karp comic strips which presents a stark contrast to the canonical working-man father Fergus McDuck who went on to appear in later works by other authors. The incidents featuring him, and so this strip, are taken to have taken place in the shady alternate timeline that Scotty McDuck originated from, with the father in question being none other than Scotty. Other 1960's strips featuring the supposed-Scotty include Differing Dropouts and Worse than Rocks.