The Sugar Plum Fairy is a presumably fictional female character, and by all appearances a fairy.


The Sugar Plum Fairy, whether or not she existed, was the subject of a musical composition entitled "the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". A street organ player in Duckburg in 1958 had trained his monkey to dance to the tune of the Dance.

What relationship this singular Fairy and her Dance bore to the Sugar Plum Fairies of whom Ludwig von Drake was, at one time, the King, is extremely unclear.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sugar Plum Fairy is mentioned in Carl Barks's 1958 Uncle Scrooge and the Golden River.

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is, of course, a musical piece from the real world, the work of Tchaikovsky and part of his Nutcracker Suite and Ballet — with the Sugar Plum Fairy being a character in some versions of the tale. For this reason, the Sugar Plum Fairy appears as a real character, under the name of Sugar Plum, in the Disney live-action remakes universe in the feature film The Nucracker and the Four Realms. It is also the reason for the appearance of the Sugar Plum Fairies at the end of the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Nucracker, although there, the joke was precisely that the Fairies were real and not part of the story, much to the confusion of the Nutcracker Narrator played by John Cleese.

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