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The Sultan of Agrabah, nicknamed "Little Bobo" by his grandfather, and whose real name may have been Sultan Hamed, is a human man.


The hereditary ruler of the ancient city of Agrabah, descended directly from its founder, the Sultan is a kindly man whom his father taught to respect those less fortunate than him. The widower of an unnamed Sultana, the Sultan deeply loves his daughter, Princess Jasmine, of whom he used to be rather overprotective.

Unfortunately, he is also more than a little immature and usually spent more time playing with his large collection of toys than actually ruling Agrabah, relying on outdated laws and his treacherous Grand Vizier to handle matters. Said Vizier, Jafar, often used a hypnotic snake staff on him to force him to agree to his more questionable decisions. Jafar secretly loathed the Sultan and wished to overthrow him, which he eventually did using his first wish from the Genie (although minutes afterwards, Aladdin defeated Jafar and the Sultan was reinstated).

Behind the scenes

Based on the nameless sultan of the original Aladdin fairy tale, the Sultan first appeared in the 1992 film Aladdin.

He remains nameless in all official published Aladdin media, but early story material (such as an early demo for Arabian Nights which still refers to Jafar as his "wazir") calls the character Sultan Hamed.

Voice Actors

  • Douglas Seale (original voice actor in Aladdin)
  • Val Bettin (Aladdin: The Series, The Return of Jafar, Aladdin and the King of Thieves)
  • Jeff Bennett (Disney Princesses Enchanted Tales)
  • Sean Griffin (Aladdin: The Musical, 2011)
  • Clifton Davis (Aladdin: The Musical, 2013-2014)

Notes and References

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