The Sunchaser, formerly known as the Cloudslayer, is a large cargo aeroplane and the 2017 Continuum's loose counterpart to the original Sunchaser.


A large and surprisingly sturdy cargo plane belonging to Scrooge McDuck, serving as the mode of transportation for Scrooge and friends on their globe-trotting adventures. This version of the Sunchaser used to be known as the Cloudslayer, with Della Duck as its pilot. Following her disappearance, it came to be piloted by crash-happy Launchpad McQuack. Due to McQuack's driving, the Sunchaser has crashed innumerable time but has always been repaired, or else replaced with identical models.

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of the Sunchaser (which has more to do with the nameless plane flown by the Ducks in The Treasure of the Golden Suns than it has with the original Sunchaser) debuted in 2017 in Welcome to Duckburg.

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