Super Goobers are a type of super-powered peanut. They are known to grant powers to any who eat them.

Description Edit

Super Goobers were created when Goofy planted a peanut plant in his garden. A meteor struck the soil nearby it, and the peanuts absorbed the power contained within the meteor. Goofy, eating one, found that they gave him super powers, and a costume to go with them. He then assumed the identity of Super Goof, and, on occasion, eats a goober to become Super Goof and fight crime. Super Goobers work differently on everyone who eats them, and can even amplify the eater's natural powers, for example, when the Big Bad Wolf ate a goober, his ability to "huff and puff" was amplified greatly, allowing him to blow Practical Pig's house right off of it's foundation. The powers are known to wear off after a few minutes, requiring the user to eat another peanut or lose the powers. This causes most super heroes powered by the peanuts to carry multiple of them at all times, lest the powers wear off in the middle of fighting crime.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Super Goobers first appeared in The Thief of Zanzipar in 1965.

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