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Super Goof is Goofy's superhero identity.


Super Goof gets his powers by eating Super Goobers (peanuts). Super Goof keeps the physical appearance of Goofy, except for clothing, which is seemingly magically replaced by red tights and a large blue cloak knotted at the neck as soon as he swallows the goober. He retains his normal self's hat, gloves and shoes. As a member of the Ultraheroes Eega Beeva provided him with a new costume with a color scheme matching those of his teammates. This consisted of white and gold gloves and boots, blue and white tights with a gold belt, and a blue cape with a gold clasp; he did not incorporate any of his usual clothing into this outfit.

Super Goof possesses numerous superpowers, often outright violating the laws of physics: he is able to fly, has superhuman strength, enhanced sensory faculties and is practically invulnerable. Unfortunately, the transformation into Super Goof does nothing to change Goofy's intellectual capacity: Super Goof retains in all respects the character and jovial spontaneity of his alter ego, which is often his one weakness in battle (though it is undoubtedly the key to the comedy of the character).

Moreover, the effect of the peanuts is temporary and ceases spontaneously after a rather short time. 

Behind the scenes

The character, created by Del Connell and Paul Murry in 1965 in The Thief of Zanzipar, starred in his own American comic title. He was very well-received, leading to more stories with him being produced in Brazil, France, Italy and more. Super Goof was even featured in one episode of the House of Mouse animated TV series, making him the first superhero identity of a regular character to appear in animation after debuting in the comics.