NonDisney Supercharged is a comic story drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features Oswald Rabbit, Lloyd and Floyd Rabbit and (in their debut) Butchie and the Cueball Twins.


In a bizarre freak occurrence, all the boys' pants sold in town lately, made of a new synthetic material, generate great amounts of static electricity whenever someone runs wearing them. This proves both useful and embarrassing for Lloyd and Floyd Rabbit, whose unusually fluffy tails act as batteries for that electricity, making the hair stand on end in a ridiculous fashion but also allowing them to dispense electric shocks to whomever they touch. At first these idiosyncrasies are only a reason for bully Butchie to make fun of them, but in an attempted bank robbery their "gift" proves surprisingly useful!

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever printed in 1959 in Four Color Comics #979.

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